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Some more tidbits of info... [Jan. 17th, 2007|12:47 pm]
The Sacha Sacket LJ Community


I did a little Sacha google today and came up with these little bits of information:

First, if you go to: http://www.wartburg.edu/orgs/alliance/calendar.html (Wartburg is a college is Iowa) "Sacha Sacket, Los Angeles singer/songwriter, returns to Wartburg Monday, March 26, 2007 8 p.m." so I would guess that soon after his West Coast tour wraps up, he'll be heading out to more of the country.

Second, if you go here: http://cpluv.com/www/tag/music and scroll down and find Sacha, you will see an "illustration for the merchandise of Sacha Sacket's new album" and the link takes you to an image for Lovers & Leaders that is similar to the new site "Coming Soon" design: http://www.rtxcite.com/print/jpgs/20sacha.jpg

Trying to wait patiently for more future official announcements...


[User Picture]From: thirteenrocks
2007-01-18 01:36 am (UTC)

Rock on

Thank you for the info. Wartburg is in the Middle of Iowa, East of Des Moines. Sacha has a friend there who works in student development and books shows for him (in Iowa). Anxiously awaiting the album!
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[User Picture]From: dimple2
2007-01-18 02:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Rock on

oh me too! I'm really curious to see what's on it this time and well, it surely is gonna be really good :D. the new look of his frontpage is very interesting already

btw the pic is great, good artwork!
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[User Picture]From: zero_point
2007-01-26 04:59 pm (UTC)
Nick, Sacha informed me last night that the site will relaunch within 1-3 days. So, any day now!
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[User Picture]From: icayrus
2007-01-26 05:02 pm (UTC)
Awesome, I'm excited to see the new design and maybe get some more tidbits about the new album. So jealous of your location right now with so many Sacha shows coming up there...if I were a rich man
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